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The History of the Pozzetti Display

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In the early 1980s, Italian Inventor and Gelato Maestro Giorgio Pozzetti wanted to create a new type of display case for his signature frozen dessert. One that would allow his gelato to be stored at the ideal temperature, maintain the perfect consistency, and allow his customers to see all his available flavors.

This resulted in the creation of the “Pozzetti Display.” An eye-catching and extremely durable showcase for gelato and ice cream. One that would allow multiple flavors to be stored in Carapinas (tubs) and maintain the perfect temperature for gelato, and offer more visibility than the behind-the-counter freezers that had been in use previously.

Over the past few decades, other types of gelato and ice cream displays have become prevalent, utilizing frozen dessert pans and glass panels for increased visibility. While these displays are a great option for many, the Pozzetti Display still boasts a higher level of durability and a sleek, stainless-steel aesthetic that remains popular in many establishments today.

White carapina cover on pozzetti display
Gelato being scooped out of pozzetti onto a cone.
White, gold, and stainless-steel pozzetti display isolated

Modern Pozzetti Displays are available in traditional glycol or with ventilated refrigeration. With many options available for size, materials, types of carapinas, and additional storage.

ITALCART P – The Ultimate Gelato Tradition

In the world of Gelato, few display cases are more iconic, or traditional than the Pozzetti Display. However, the number one spot for traditional gelato or ice cream is, hands-down, the Gelato Pushcart. The pushcart allows for an ice cream or gelato business to be taken anywhere, offering an aesthetic that is truly timeless.

GTI Designs has offered many options for traditional pushcarts over the years, including our extremely popular ItalCart which implements five liter pans for displaying and storing ice cream and gelato. However, we are now offering ItalCart P, which combines two gelato traditions together, offering our iconic pushcart with traditional pozzetti displays!

Interested in a Pozzetti Display or the ItalCart P?

Our Reps are eager to learn as much about your concept as possible, and help you find the perfect display case, push cart, or equipment for your business.

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