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3D Rendering of Zania Market

Market Design Case Study: Zania Market

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Designing any food service space has its fair share of obstacles. Building codes, electrical needs, plumbing, and local ordinances can all present different challenges. However, for businesses focused on one type of food service, the process of design and equipment consultation is more straightforward. For butcher shops and delicatessens: refrigerated display cases channeled along with custom counters, a few grab and go merchandisers and traditional hot food displays for pre-cooked foods. For candy stores: Chocolate displays with humidity control features and temperature regulated shelving. Bakeries will need refrigerated displays for pastries, bread racks, open air merchandisers, etc.

3d rendering of Pastry Case with Shelving and Channeled Display for Butcher Shop

Markets, on the other hand, offer a wider variety of food types, with multiple needs for temperature regulation. From deli displays and work counters for made-to-order sandwiches, to bakery showcases, grab and go displays, and many things in-between. Markets typically opt for different types of specialty equipment as well, such as slush machines, or soft serve units to help them stand out and attract different sets of customers. This increases the necessity for careful design, space planning, and as they require more equipment, displays, and electrical needs.

When Zania Market & Bakery, from Houston, Texas came to us with their concept, they were looking for display cases but were unsure of exactly what they needed. Once we discussed what they had in mind for their concept, it became clear that we offered many other solutions they had been searching for, and some they had yet to consider. Both parties agreed that a full design consultation might be to their benefit.

What began as a conversation about grab and go displays, quickly evolved into a partnership. With GTI Designs designing the entire layout, and providing millwork, freezers, custom shelving, display tables, multi-decks for produce as well as refrigerated and frozen foods, a pizza station, grab and go merchandisers, and a variety of custom display cases for meats, cheeses, and produce.

Zania Market 2D Floor Plan

This partnership allowed Zania Market to save time, money, and most importantly, it allowed them to fully realize the vision they had for their concept. Is this because we are the greatest food service designers on Earth? Well, yes. But the real benefit comes down to communication and cohesion. With multiple vendors, designers, and voices, often the core of what a concept can be gets lost in translation. For Zania, Market the results speak for themselves.

Collage of Zania Market Images. Signage with Zana Market & Bakery Logo, Channeled Hot Food Displays, Meat Display Cases, Custom Shelving

The Benefits of a One-Stop Shop

Not every customer needs a full-service solution. Established brands and businesses who want to add something new, or replace something old, can find a specific solution at GTI Designs: A custom stainless steel back bar, a temperature regulated wine case, a particular type of food service display, or a series of soft serve machines and batch freezers. We are happy to provide, as we offer a very extensive list products and services.

It is common, however, for customers to come to us with concerns. They are working with multiple vendors, dealers, electrical engineers, architects, and everything in between. For the business owner, their vision often gets lost in translation. Not to mention the added costs of multiple companies.
For new concepts, or businesses looking to renovate their brand, GTI Designs can provide a less costly and more comprehensive set of solutions to help you #SetYourselfApart!

Want to Bring Your Food Service Vision to Life?

GTI Designs has over 30 years of experience creating food service concepts of all kinds. From metropolitan supermarkets to small town coffee shops. We know what is needed to create a successful business and will help you every step of the way.

Contact us today and tell us about your dream concept!

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