A part of our GTI Platinum Line.  Pozzetti is a beautiful frozen dessert counter display.   One that holds more product and uses less space than many modern frozen dessert displays.  A sleek design that has found a way to look and feel modern, while evoking feelings of traditional ice cream parlors and Gelateria’s.

Need Pozzetti pans and lids?  World of Gelato has got you covered!


  • Available in a range of temperature and storage options for maximum space planning and product preservation.
  • Standard cases with 4, 6 & 8 storage containers with the option to fully customize with 10 and 12 display options
  • Channel together for a seamless look
  • Holds more product than most frozen dessert displays while taking up less space.
  • Offers a sleek look that finds a way to feel both contemporary and traditional.
  • Digital temperature control panel
  • Optional Cold Plate technology built into cabinet

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