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Grab and Go Displays, Open Air Merchandisers. One for pastry in foreground, one refrigerated grab and go for prepared meals in background.

Grab and Go Still Going in 2024

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A Post-Pandemic Report

The onset of Covid 19 brought about a variety of changes in our behaviors and our shopping habits. Some of which (such as alcohol delivery) brought about entirely new laws and markets. However, more often, the pandemic shook up existing markets, detracting from some and providing a boon to others. Pandemic restrictions have largely faded away over the past two years, but many of these trends have stood the test of time.

Though restaurants are full again on any given weekend, C-Stores and Markets have gone on to see increased sales for Grab and Go options every year since the pandemic hit, along with a marked increase in overall quality of products. In fact, according to recent market studies, 56% of consumers consider C-Stores as an alternative to Fast Food and Fast Casual eateries.

Woman selecting grab and go products from upright glass door merchandiser at market

This consistent rise in grab and go sales is not just about easily accessible food options (though that is invariably a part of it), the quality of convenience store offerings has also increased considerably in the past few years. With better quality ingredients, and made to order options becoming increasingly prevalent.

With the demand for higher quality grab and go products on the rise, the necessity for higher quality and varied display solutions has increased as well. Grab and Go Displays come in many styles, sizes, and temperatures. Finding the right set of grab and go merchandisers is an integral part of creating or adding on to your concept.

Grab and Go Display for beverages and food, built into counter at Starbucks

Traditional “Low Profile” Displays

For impulse buy opportunities at check-out, traditional displays can be easily worked into your counter. Creating an instantly visible merchandiser for anything from beverages and snacks, to sandwiches and salads.

Models such as Vista, Daisy, Fresco Impulse are great examples of traditional Grab and Go displays.

Upright Merchandisers

The quintessential “market display” upright merchandisers are available in many different heights, widths, and temperature options. Perfect for anything from hot, ready to eat pizzas, to ice cold beverages. Many units are available with or without doors. Easily channel together to create an aisle, or back wall for self-service products.

Models like United, and COSMO are perfect Upright Merchandisers for grab and go offerings.

United Upright Open Air Merchandiser for C-Stores, Markets, and Shops

Finding the Right Grab and Go Display

For over 30 years, GTI Designs has been at the forefront of the food service industry. Providing everything from display cases and equipment, to full service design and build for concepts all across North America. Our Representatives are experienced, passionate, and available to ensure that you set yourself apart!

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