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GTI Platinum – High End Design | Next Level Concepts

GTI Designs offers complete, custom solutions for a wide variety of businesses. While all of our displays maintain a high standard of quality, many of them are designed to be more accessible to smaller shops, stores and markets.

GTI Platinum is for clients with larger budgets and ambitious designs goals that want to take their concept to the next level. Offering a series of high end display cases and services that feature advanced technology and a cutting-edge feel.

These are the concepts of the future.

A Reflection of Your Business

Your business is just that – yours. It should be a reflection of your vision and needs. GTI Designs follows a Three-Step Process to make sure your concept is in good hands from start to finish.

GTI Platinum offers this same, turn-key solution for your Platinum build.

However, the products below are a newer, advanced line of high-end display cases, cabinets and merchandisers.

BLUE Display Cabinet Isolated


A glass ensconced, luxury cabinet.  Available with a variety of temperature options and the ability to seamlessly channel together. Creating endless possibilities for backdrops, or even a visually stunning room separator.

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Merging minimalist elements that allow for greater space planning and exhibition. Nine+ offers the perfect combination of functionality and aesthetic.

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Nine+ isolated, at an angle


Small enough to be a table top display, while still boasting a large exhibition area. The JOBS display is aesthetic freedom at it’s finest.

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A mesmerizing display that elevates any product it showcases. Kubetto shines like a gem as a bar counter option. It can beautifully display anything from salads and prepared foods, to chocolates and gelato.

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An elegant and energy efficient display cabinet. Cosmo blends style and technology together to create an indispensable showcase that comes in a range of options for size and temperature.

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White Cosmo case, isolated
Drop In - Isolated

Maestro “Drop-In”

Designed to fully showcase your products while keeping them at the optimal temperature and consistency. This unit “drops in” to your counter top to provide a seamless display space

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Pozzetti Platinum

A compact and sleek solution to storing and serving frozen desserts. Pozzetti Platinum features an energy efficient system and creates a unique and visually stunning showcase of your frozen desserts.

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Pozzetti Close Up
Angled photo of Vert in Counter Top with a glossy brown laminate and sunflowers


A display solution that merges seamlessly with your counter top. With a range of temperature and size availabilities, VERT is a great way to showcase your most popular products!

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RETRO is an extremely customizable, stainless steel backbar and storage solution. Available in various size and temperature configurations.

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A pastry and frozen dessert display that boasts an unparalleled design. Blending style and technology together to create a showcase worthy of master dessert makers.

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