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Modular Wine Cellar

Modular Wine Cellar: Elegance for Less

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Traditionally, constructing a glass-fronted wine cellar is a very expensive and work-intensive undertaking. Often requiring different services from multiple vendors. It is for these reasons that this elegant, beautiful feature is often inaccessible to most food service concepts.

However, this may be subject to change. The Wine Cellar from GTI Designs is the perfect combination of temperature and humidity control. Offering a solution for all of your wines Рred, white, ros̩ and champagne. The best part? Is it is a completely modular unit that offers the same level of quality and capability as one built in house, at a fraction of the cost!

This climate controlled wine cellar offers a visually elegant, glass-fronted modular design. Available in different dimensions, and styles. This exemplary walk-in display is a perfect addition to almost any food service concept.

The Wine Cellar Features

Wine Display Features Temperature Control, Internal auxillary unit for white wine, champagne, rose, LED lighting and sound dampening system.
  • Sound Dampening System
  • Patented Climate Control System
  • Options for Red and White Wines
  • Visually Stunning Design
  • Modular Unit, Flexible for Any Space
  • LED Lighting for Enhanced Display

Want to Add a Modular Wine Cellar to Your Concept?

The Wine Cellar, by GTI Designs will be available within the next few months. For more information, or to add your name to the waiting list, contact us at 631-981-2100 or CustomerService@gtidesigns.com, or fill out the contact for below!

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