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Display Case Type: 
Nine+ Display filled with empty gelato pans, isolated


Offering the perfect combination of functionality and aesthetic. Nine+ provides a luxury solution as a gelato or ice cream display, as well as for baked goods.
Gelato/Ice Cream DisplaysPastry & Bakery Displays
AX Series Gelato Display Cases

AX Series

The AX Series display case is the best value ice cream and gelato display case on the market today! Featuring an elegant design and a maximized visibility.
Gelato/Ice Cream Displays
AG-Series Display Case. Curved model. Gelato and Ice Cream Display with Empty Pans.


The AG-Series display is an extremely versatile showcase with a host of features centered around ease of use. High and low glass options.
Gelato/Ice Cream DisplaysPastry & Bakery DisplaysPanini Displays


A space efficient, entry-level gelato and ice cream display case. The EZ-Series makes it possible for any store or restaurant to add gelato, ice cream or sorbetto to the menu!
Gelato/Ice Cream Displays
APG-Series Ice Cream Display Case


APG is an entry level gelato display case that offers a sleek and modern look. If your store is looking to add gelato or ice cream to the menu, look no further than the APG display.
Gelato/Ice Cream Displays


BRIO is our all-new entry level gelato display case.  A contemporary, space efficient design with sizes available for 6, 7, or 9 frozen dessert pans (5 liter).
Gelato/Ice Cream Displays
Sintesi pastry display case and gelato display case with silver laminate in white modern room


Sintesi merges technology and style into a true master work. A luxury display case for gelato, ice cream, and sorbetto, as well as for cakes and pastries.
Gelato/Ice Cream DisplaysPastry & Bakery Displays


Kubetto is, in a word - elegant.  A display that elevates any product placed inside of it.  The Kubetto display is a versatile solution for any bar, restaurant, store or shop.
Gelato/Ice Cream DisplaysPastry & Bakery DisplaysChocolate DisplaysPanini Displays


Pozzetti is a traditional, "old school" display style for gelato or ice cream.
Gelato/Ice Cream Displays
Pozzetti Counter with Vert at the end of it. Isolated

Pozzetti Platinum

A compact and sleek solution to storing and serving frozen desserts. Evoking feelings of traditional ice cream parlors and Gelateria's, while maintaining an extremely contemporary look and feel.
Gelato/Ice Cream Displays


Whether you need a wide-view gelato display, or an eye catching merchandiser for hot foods, Passion offers a slick European Design with an eye-catching product view.
Gelato/Ice Cream DisplaysPastry & Bakery DisplaysChocolate DisplaysHot & Bain Marie DisplaysPrepared Food DisplaysMeat, Fish & Cheese DisplaysDeli Displays
Q-Series Gelato Display Case


With a sleek design, low profile, and smart display angle that will show off your products from afar.
Gelato/Ice Cream DisplaysPastry & Bakery DisplaysPanini DisplaysPrepared Food Displays


The P-Quadro features a bold, eye-catching design and an energy efficient system that works to cut costs. 
Gelato/Ice Cream DisplaysPastry & Bakery DisplaysGrab and Go Displays
MTX-Series Gelato Display Case


The MTX-Series Display Case is perfect for any gelato, pastry, or confectionary concept.  With multiple size options and many features that increase ease of access and visibility.
Gelato/Ice Cream DisplaysPastry & Bakery DisplaysChocolate DisplaysPanini Displays
JOBs Counter-Top Gelato Display


Small enough to be a table top display, while still boasting a large exhibition area. JOBS is aesthetic freedom at it's finest.
Gelato/Ice Cream DisplaysPastry & Bakery DisplaysChocolate DisplaysPanini DisplaysPrepared Food Displays
Mini-JOBS Countertop Display Case


MINI-JOBS takes all the elegance and aesthetic freedom of JOBS and makes it even more accessible. A showcase that can go almost anywhere!
Gelato/Ice Cream DisplaysPastry & Bakery DisplaysChocolate DisplaysPanini DisplaysPrepared Food Displays

Continuous Churn Machines

Our Continuous Churn Machines will forever change the way you make frozen desserts.  Producing high-quality gelato, ice cream, sorbet, acai, yogurt right before your customer's eyes!
Gelato/Ice Cream DisplaysBatch Freezers


The Deeva gelato display case embodies minimal elegance, modern design and the maximum ergonomics for both customer and operator.
Gelato/Ice Cream DisplaysPastry & Bakery DisplaysChocolate DisplaysPanini Displays
Gelato Cart


Introducing ItalCart! Ventilated refrigeration, tempered curved glass, can be fitted with double level ice cream containers.
Gelato/Ice Cream Displays
Two gelato pushcarts side by side, white background

Gelato Push Cart

Gelato Push Cart is an authentic & elegant presentation for your Gelato, Ice Cream, Frozen Dessert & Sorbet. Color scheme, logo, fabric are all customizable!
Gelato/Ice Cream Displays
Gel 4 Countertop Gelato Display Case

Gel 4

Gel 4 is the ultimate countertop ice cream and gelato display. Available with 4 or 8 spaces for flavors.
Gelato/Ice Cream Displays
Virna case with filled gelato pans. Isolated.


The Virna Display Case has an elegant European design, and improves the quality of products.
Gelato/Ice Cream DisplaysPastry & Bakery DisplaysChocolate Displays

EuroDipper LX

The Eurodipper is a high capacity gelato display and ice cream display with size options for 4, 6, 8, 12, or 16 tubs of frozen dessert.
Gelato/Ice Cream Displays


A compact, versatile design that works well for many different types of products.
Gelato/Ice Cream DisplaysPastry & Bakery DisplaysPanini DisplaysPrepared Food Displays
DG-Series Small Gelato Display Case


This Gelato Display was designed specifically to enhance the quality and visibility of Gelato & Ice Cream.
Gelato/Ice Cream Displays