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Chocolate Display Case Tips for Valentine Day, Chocolates in Display Case from Users Point of View. Three display levels, glass shelves full of chocolate

Valentines Day, Chocolate Display Case Tips

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It’s almost Valentines Day. GTI Designs is here to offer some helpful tips for displaying your chocolates, and help to prevent any “Funny Valentines” this season!

When it comes to chocolate displays, temperature is only half of the battle. For ideal storage conditions, chocolate is best kept in humidity controlled display cases, with a humidity level of about 50-55%. This ensures your chocolates and candies stay in their intended shape and at their ideal consistency. If your display case features humidity control, be sure to make sure it has been calibrated properly.

Chocolate Display Case with Humidity Control Inside Case with many chocolate types in rows.

While a refrigerated display case without humidity control for chocolate will keep your product from spoiling for a time, consistency of your products might become an issue. Lack of humidity for chocolates can also lead to “bloom,” wherein chocolates begin to adopt a greyish hue that is certainly not appetizing! In this case, you may want to consider one of GTI Designs’ humidity controlled chocolate display cases. These models are specifically designed to display both chocolates and macarons (macarons can crack in dry environments).

E-LINE Humidity Controlled Chocolate Display Case

For concepts that switch between chocolates/macaron, and baked goods, GTI Designs offers a special type of display case with “dual temperature zones.” These advanced models, like our E-Line showcase, allow the user to switch between a regular refrigerated display, to one with humidity control at the push of a button!

Keep Your Chocolates in View

Making sure your chocolate display is keeping your product in the safest, and most ideal conditions is very important. However, it is just as important to your business that you sell those products. Making sure your chocolates are easily viewable is an integral step.

Three Jewelry Style Chocolate Displays Kubetto, Minimal, Lucis II

GTI Designs offers display cases for all food types. We’ve spent a lot of time making sure that these displays offer the maximum visibility. For chocolate displays, “Jewelry Store” style units are popular, and for a reason. Truly elevating your chocolates for the edible artworks that they are, these displays are sure to entice customers looking for a sweet treat, or a special valentines day gift for a loved one.

If you are looking for the perfect display case for your concept, our representatives are available to learn more about your business and help you find the perfect showcase, grab and go, or upright merchandiser for your space!

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