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Displays with Dual Temperature Zones, Pastries to Chocolates

Display Cases with Dual Temperature Zones

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Whether seasonally or at during certain times of the day or week, many business owners rotate their offerings. However, this can pose a problem in the food service industry, as many products need to be displayed or stored at different temperatures and humidity levels. For a rotating product selection, two separate display cases would of course, not be ideal. This has led to the creation of display cases with Dual Temperature Zones.

Dual Temperature Displays allow a showcase to be changed from a refrigerated display for pastry, to a temperature regulated display with humidity control for chocolate or macaron at the flip of a switch!

Two Temperature Settings in One Display: The Benefits

Some products (such as chocolates and macarons) require humidity control. This allows them to maintain their ideal consistency while being stored and displayed. In the case of macarons it also prevents them from cracking.

For concepts that alternate between pastry bakery items, to chocolates or macaron, dual temperature zones allow for one display case to work for both sets of products, saving time, money, and space!

Which Displays Offer Dual Temperature Zones?

E-Line (Dupla Model)

The E-Line Display is a beautiful, contemporary showcase. Offering optional shelves, and multiple options for size and glass angles.

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E-Line Pastry and Chocolate Display
Minimal Pastry and Chocolate Display Case


A sleek, modern showcase that keeps your products center-stage. With a multiple style options available, Minimal is a great choice for any concept.

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A perfect display solution for any modern bakery, cafe, or chocolate shop. Kubo offers a superb level of quality and features a contemporary design.

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Kubo Chocolate Display Case at Hershey Store

Lucis II

Lucis II offers the perfect presentation for pastries and chocolate. With frameless glass to ensure your products are always in full view.

Learn More About Lucis II

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