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Dispensary Display Cases: A Buyer’s Guide

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As of this moment marijuana is recreationally legal in twenty-one states (as well as Washington D.C.) and medically legal in thirty-seven. With federal and state bills already on the docket in 2023, this number is sure to get, ahem – higher.

Today, there are over 7000 dispensaries across the United States. Offering flower (smoke-ready marijuana in its natural, leafiest form), oil cartridges, tinctures, cannabis infused beverages and edibles. Like most consumable goods, these products have shelf lives and optimal storage requirements to ensure quality and longevity.

What is the Ideal Temperature for Marijuana?

Anywhere between 50-68 degrees Fahrenheit is acceptable for the storage of cannabis. Temperatures that are too hot can negatively affect the aroma and evaporate terpenes, which effect more than just the taste. Studies show that terpenes have a huge impact on the effects of each individual marijuana strain, not to mention the color and vibrancy.

Terpenes aren’t specific to cannabis either. For example, lavender contains the terpene “linalool.” Linalool plays a large part in how the scent of lavender and lavender oils can help relax you. Keeping this part of the plant from degrading will increase the overall quality and shelf life of your product significantly.

What is the Ideal Humidity for Marijuana?

Marijuana is plant matter, and similarly to cigars and other tobacco products, humidity has a significant effect on the overall quality and taste. Unlike tobacco products, humidity plays a much larger role in the overall effectiveness of cannabis. The ideal humidity for cured, ready to smoke cannabis is around 62%.

Too much humidity can result in mold.  Too little will degrade the internal structure of the plant, resulting in weakened levels of THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids. From a culinary standpoint, this is an important factor for marijuana edibles as well, especially for products that contain chocolate. Perhaps even more so, as improperly stored foods can result in much more dire consequences.

Humidity and Temperature gauge

Display Cases for Cannabis Cafes: Food and Drink

For now, cannabis dispensaries do not allow for the sale of food and drink (outside of cannabis infused products). However, this may be subject to change. With state bills already being pushed forward, such as California’s Assembly Bill 347, Cannabis Cafes may be a new landmark on the food service horizon.
Dispensaries looking to add traditional food service as a new revenue stream could stand to profit quite a bit. However, this comes with all the regulations, health codes, and food storage needs that a restaurant or a café contends with.

GTI Designs – Display Cases for Cannabis Products

The legalization of marijuana and the increase of regulated dispensaries may be a (relatively) new thing. However, GTI Designs providing modular and custom display cases, upright glass door merchandisers, custom millwork, stainless steel back bars, shelving, as well as full-service design expertise for all food service and retail spaces, is not. With three decades of experience, GTI Designs can help you create the concept of your dreams, or help you to perfect your existing business.

Cannabis Infused Chocolates

GTI Designs’ extensive line of temperature regulated showcases with humidity control are the perfect display solution for dispensaries. For concepts that offer baked goods, we also have refrigerated displays, as well as ones with “dual temperature zones.” Allowing the user to switch between a temperature regulated display case with humidity control, to a refrigerated one.

Find the Right Display Case for Your Dispensary

GTI Designs has representatives across North America. Tell us a little more about your concept, and we will help you Set Yourself Apart. Our displays are warrantied and backed by our Nationwide service network.

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