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Ice Cream and Gelato Display Cases

Ice Cream and Gelato Display Cases

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Winter is here, which means spring is just around the corner.

For many restaurants and shops around the country, that means one thing: It’s almost ice cream and gelato season!

GTI Designs offers a wide variety of ice cream and gelato display cases, each with a variety of sizes and optional features.

The selection of display cases below are great for any frozen dessert, and range from entry-level showcases for smaller shops and restaurants, to displays specifically designed for Ice Cream Shops and Gelaterias.

EZ Series – Entry Level Ice Cream Display Case

EZ-Series entry level frozen dessert display

An extremely space efficient, entry-level ice cream and gelato showcase. The EZ-Series is a great way for restaurants, shops, and markets to get into the frozen dessert business!

Available in sizes for 6, 7, or 8 flavor pans.

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P-Quadro – An Eye Catching Ice Cream Display Case

This ice cream display case features a bold, eye-catching design and cost-saving energy efficient system.

The P-Quadro is a great display case for gelato and ice cream. But is also an exceptional option for many other food types, including chocolate, sandwiches, and prepared foods.

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P-Quadro Ice Cream Display Case

AX-Series – The Best Value Gelato Display Case

AX Series Gelato Display Cases

The AX-Series is the best value ice cream and gelato display case on the market. Featuring a simple, linear design that offers maximized visibility for your frozen desserts.

Available in sizes for 6, 8, 9, 10, or 12 flavor pans.

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Gel4 – The Ultimate Countertop Gelato Display Case

Gel 4 Countertop Gelato Display Case

The Gel4 is a great way to add frozen dessert to your menu or business or create an exciting edition to a party or event. A perfect option for food trucks!

Available for 4 or 8 flavors.

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Nine+ – Luxury Ice Cream and Gelato Display Case

Nine+ offers a perfect combination of functionality and aesthetic. Nine+ is the most narrow-depth professional display case on the market, while still boasting a wide visibility.

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Luxury Gelato Display Case

Looking for a Different Ice Cream and Gelato Display?

Check out GTI Designs’ full line of gelato and ice cream display cases!

Or if you have questions, or are looking for something custom, our representatives are ready to assist you!

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