The Minimal display has the ability to be many things. A beautiful pastry display case. A contemporary chocolate display. A sleek showcase for sandwiches, salads and prepared foods. In regards to its overall design, our Minimal display case offers a style befitting its name. Eschewing technical elements for higher visibility and a more contemporary look and feel.

This elegant display case allows the customer to easily connect with the displayed products.  A unique cabinet with multiple options for temperature (heated, chilled, and dry/ambient).  Also available as a dual temperature model, allowing the user to switch between a pastry display case or a chocolate display case with the click of a button!

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Minimal Features:

  • Available for Pastry, Chocolate, Macaron, Bread, Salad, Sandwich and Prepared Food;
  • Bi-temperature version (pastry/ chocolates) with a simple button easily adjust the temperature of the display case according to the exposition needs;
  • Version with humidification system assures an excellent presentation and extends the durability of the most sophisticated pastry;
  • Elevated and height-adjustable exposition plan allows the placement of cakes and bread at different heights;
  • Anti-fogging system on front glasses, which guarantees a maximum visibility without condensation;
  • Choice of Colors/Laminates and Finishes for the front case decoration;
  • Fully Refrigerated/ Humidity Control/ Dry/ Neutral;
  • LED light technology enhances presentation;
  • Available in multiple sneeze guard options;
  • Ideal for exhibition of individual pastry;
  • Easy Clean Vacuum System;
  • Rear Glass Sliding Doors;
  • Custom Finishing

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