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Carne – Meat Aging Case

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The Definitive Solution for Dry-Aged Beef!

Meat Aging Cases Channeled Together

Why is Beef Aged?

When you hear the term “Aged Beef”, it is not in reference to an elderly cow. While all beef is aged for a short period after being procured (about seven days), “aged beef” refers to a process where beef is allowed to age for an extended period (20-120 days) in ideal, sanitized conditions. This process allows muscle tissue to break down and the water stored in the beef to evaporate. Resulting in a more tender, flavorful cut.

How Does Dry Aging Beef Work?

Dry-Aging Beef is taking that process a step (or two) further in a safe, controlled environment. Over time, naturally occurring enzymes break down the fat, proteins and glycogen in beef. The longer this process is allowed to go on, the more complex the flavor (30-45 days is the norm, but some cuts are aged as long as 6 months!)

GTI Designs’ Carne Meat Aging Display Case creates the ideal environment for this process. Allowing the user to control the air flow, humidity and temperature for a safe and optimized ageing process.

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Carne Meat Ageing Features

  • Stainless steel shelves and coordinated supports
  • Expansion and evaporator valve for better evaporation control
  • Led lighting for enhanced presentation
  • Optional stainless steel pole for hooks
  • Customizable sizes ranging from 110lb capacity to over 1700lb
  • Option for up to 4 glass sides

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