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What is a Batch Freezer?

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Mom, Dad….Where Does Ice Cream Come From?

If you’ve been a human being for longer than the past few months, chances are good that you have been to an ice cream shop or Gelateria.   Gazing longingly at the many flavors.  Ill prepared to make hard choices.  

Do I get the cookie dough ice cream?  The limoncello gelato?

What is bourbon-cream gelato? 

Can I have one scoop of each?….How much do 25 scoops of gelato cost?

You may have worked at a restaurant, shop, or store that offered frozen desserts. Where ambiguous chrome machines produced fresh ice cream with only a few ingredients and the pull of a lever. 

But have you ever wondered where your local Gelateria or ice cream shop obtained such a variety of flavors? 

Or where the machine that so easily increased your ticket average came from, or what it was called?

No, there is no ice cream stork.  (Officially.  We have no real way of knowing.)

The answer to the above questions likely have the same answer:

A Batch Freezer. 

But What IS a Batch Freezer?

To put it simply, a batch freezer is a machine that allows for the commercial production of frozen desserts such as ice cream, gelato, and sorbet.  

While at-home ice cream makers can produce a very small amount of ice cream from a liquid base, and Continuous Freezers can make ice cream, gelato, or sorbet in seeming perpetuity (think of the gallons of ice cream they sell at supermarkets), a Batch Freezer can easily produce around 24 quarts of gelato, ice cream or sorbet at a time.  (Though it varies pending on the unit.  Some Batch Freezers can make as many as 37 quarts, or as little as 2.)  

This is perfect for gourmet shops and restaurants that want a sure-fire way to increase sales, by offering homemade frozen delicacies.     

What is a Batch Freezer?
The Carpigiani LB 200 IC Can Produce up to 14 Gallons of Soft Serve Per Hour!

Batch Freezers, like the Carpigiani LB 100 B have become an industry standard for restaurants and smaller shops.  

Some Carpigiani models, such as the LB 200 IC, can produce up to 14 gallons of soft serve per hour! (It can make milkshakes too!)

Though many shop owners don’t always know of its specific inner workings, Batch Freezers are easy to use and easy to clean. Plus, because they make ice cream in more limited quantities, experimenting with different flavors and toppings is more accessible (you don’t want to end up with 100 gallons of Pickle-Flavored sorbet!).  

Now I Know What A Batch Freezer Does… Where Can I Find One?

Adding a Batch Freezer to your business is a huge first step in adding ice cream, gelato or sorbet to the menu. However, is important that you find right Batch Freezer. One that will suit your business best. How many quarts do you (on average) need per day/week? How many flavors are you looking to make available to customers?

GTI Designs has 30 years of experience offering a range of Batch Freezers, as well as a variety of other products that assist in the creation of frozen desserts. GTI Designs can provide the know-how too, offering a Gelato Making Seminar, taught by Gianluigi Dellaccio – The Gelato Ambassador to the United States!

You can reach GTI Designs at 1-800-896-4484 or ContactUs@GTIDesigns.com. An experienced representative will reach out to discuss your business’ needs, and ensure you are getting the Batch Freezer that best fits for your store!

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