LB 100 B

LB 100 B

The LB 100 B is the finest entry level batch freezer on the market today.  With a 4 quart capacity, single phase power that can fit into almost any setting, and a counter-top ready size – the LB 100 B allows you to make frozen desserts anywhere!
Though this machine doesn’t produce enough product for an ice cream shop or Gelateria.  This counter-top Carpigiani machine is great option for restaurants, cafes, and smaller shops.  Creating an easy way to increase ticket averages, by adding frozen dessert to the menu.
Easy to use and easy to clean, the LB 100 B offers gelato, ice cream and sorbet made on demand!


The Perfect Consistency:
Mechanical timer will alert you when it is time to extract.  With Mechanical Consistency Control that halts the compressor when your product has achieved ideal consistency.  Create frozen desserts with both classic mixtures and more modern haute cuisine recipes.


Looking for a counter-top gelato case with more capacity?  Check out the LB 200 G Tronic.  It’s a countertop batch freezer that can product up to 10.5 quarts at a time.
Need ice cream, gelato, or sorbetto supplies?  World of Gelato has got you covered! 



  • Performance and Quality: Create high-quality freshly made frozen desserts for any setting. Mechanical timer sounds bell to alert user to extract Mechanical consistency control stops compressor when ideal consistency is achieved. Can create frozen desserts with both classic mixtures as well as modern haute cuisine recipes.;
  • Convenience: Runs on single phase power to fit into almost any setting. One easy to use control switch for production, extraction and cleaning.;
  • Savings: Add freshly made Ice Cream to the product offering and gain independence on choice of flavors and cost.;
  • Safety: Isolating door with safety lock. Minimal parts and single beater make for easy cleaning.;
  • Hygiene: Postponed cleaning function allows user to keep leftover mixture cold between cleaning.

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