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Lexus Series Blast Freezers – The Best Value Professional Blast Freezer on the Market

Lexus Series Blast Freezers

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The Best Professional Blast Freezers on the Market!

Used by professional chefs around the world and as seen on Masterchef, the Lexus series of blast freezers will rapidly chill all of your food items while helping to maintain optimal freshness, flavor and quality.

The Lexus Series of Blast Chillers/Blast Freezers are a great addition to any restaurant. The unit’s rapid freezing process quickly freezes hot, cold, cooked, and raw products allowing the formation of micro-crystals that help to conserve the natural moisture levels and nutritional properties of each product, which can then be safely stored for long periods of time.

Thanks to the Blast Chilling cycle, the product temperature drops from the cooked temperature (+70°C) down to only +3°C in as little as 90 minutes. Importantly, the transition between +65°C and +10°C (the ideal climate for the proliferation of bacteria) is so rapid that any bacterial generation is prevented.

Traditional slow freezing process transforms the liquids in foods into macro-crystals of ice. This development will irreparably damage most foods and lead to bacterial development.

To preserve food for a medium to long period and to maintain its nutritional value, it is recommended to freeze products to a core temperature of -18°C in the least time possible.

 Once thawed, products frozen in a blast chiller will not lose fluids or flavor and will retain its consistency better than traditional slow freezing methods.

The Lexus Series are the best Blast Freezers available on the market because they were designed for professional chefs to help optimize their kitchen operation. Lexus Blast Chillers are equipped with a stainless-steel interior and exterior, rounded internal angles, and self-closing doors with a magnetic gasket. 

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