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Sustainable Solutions Part I: Cork Core

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More than almost any other material, Cork is incredibly environmentally sustainable. In fact it is what is referred to as “Carbon Negative,” meaning the harvesting of cork takes more carbon out of the air than it emits. Cork is made from the bark of mature Cork Oak Trees. The bark is harvested by hand, around every nine to twelve years, when the (comparatively) new bark reaches maturity. This does not harm the tree, and the regrowth of the bark absorbs a significant amount of CO2 from the air. Cork Oak Trees can live up to 200 years, allowing for over 15 harvests in the life of a given Cork Oak Tree!

Cork Oak Tree with Some Bark Harvested

Cork is not only a sustainable solution for a tremendous number of commercial applications, but an incredibly useful one. Besides being carbon negative (see above) and biodegradable, cork also works extremely well as a thermal insulator. It also has a high damage and impact tolerance. It is also water resistant, sound resistant, and extremely lightweight. Over the past decade, cork has become more commonly used in aerospace engineering, manufacturing, and construction.

Cork Core

In an effort to further reduce our carbon footprint, GTI Designs has implemented the use of cork in the interiors of many of our display cases, as a replacement for polyurethane. Not only is this better for the planet, it also creates some improvements in functionality as well, including: Greater durability, impact absorption, and thermal insulation. It also allows for our displays to be more easily recycled at the end of their lifespan.

A more sustainable world is better for everyone. GTI Designs looks forward to unveiling other environmentally friendly innovations in the coming weeks!

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