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New Display Cases from GTI Designs

New Display Cases from GTI Designs

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GTI Designs is excited to announce the addition of five new display cases to our line up. These contemporary showcases cover several food types. Ranging from straight glass refrigerated displays for pastries, and prepared foods, to new takes on old favorites, such as ItalCart P! All boast a variety of optional features, and all are backed by our Nationwide service network.

Entry Level Gelato Display


BRIO is our new entry-level gelato and ice cream display case. With a space efficient design, and options for 6, 7, or 9 flavors. Great for any concept that wants to add frozen desserts to the menu!

Learn More About BRIO

Display for Frozen Treats
7 Pan Gelato Display
BRIO Display for Ice Cream


A modern refrigerated display case, offered in multiple sizes. Great for pastries, cakes, prepared foods, and beverages. Up to three shelves for a large product capacity!

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Refrigerated Food Display EDEN
Display Counter EDEN
Food and Drink Display Case
EDEN DIsplay Case with Different SIzes
Frozen Product DIsplay


ROSE is the ideal display for frozen cakes, popsicles, and novelties. With multiple sizes, and three temperature regulated shelves. A great way for Gelaterias, Bakeries, and Ice Cream Shops to increase their earning potential!

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Popsicle Display Case, Ice Cream Cake Display Case side by side
Popsicle Display Case ROSE


JULY is a high capacity Gelato and Ice Cream Display Case. An ideal option for any Ice Cream Shop or Gelateria. With options for 12, 16, 18, or 24, five liter pans.

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Professional Gelato Display Case
Pozzetti Gelato Push Cart

ItalCart P

Offering Pozzetti style storage for ice cream and gelato instead of pans. ItalCart P offers the same iconic look and mobile design of our popular ItalCart, but with a more traditional twist!

Tell Us About Your Concept!

GTI Designs has been offering a comprehensive food service solution for over 30 years. We provide both custom and modular display cases, specialty equipment, and decades of design expertise. Contact us today about your concept, and we can help you #SetYourselfApart!


Looking for Gelato and Ice Cream Supplies?

Check out World of Gelato for all your Ice Cream Shop and Gelateria supplies. They have everything from disposable spoons and cups, to liners and pans of all sizes!

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