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Four Great Grab and Go Displays

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Grab and go options have been on the rise since 2014. With the COVID-19 pandemic increasing their popularity even more so. With sales for grab and go meal options at Grocery Stores, Coffee Shops, and Markets increasing to over 18% between 2020 and 2021 alone.

Busy consumers are looking for healthier alternatives to fast food that are just as convenient. Adding better grab and go options has been an increasingly lucrative addition to many coffee shops and cafes, and convenience stores and markets are benefiting from better self-service options and more advanced displays.

Below are four grab and go display cases that are perfect merchandisers for any market, c-store, cafe, or coffee shop. However, GTI Designs offers a wide variety of Grab and Go Displays, all with different options and features. You can view our full lineup here!

Fresco Servery Counters Impulse 1250 3to2p

Fresco Impulse

A space efficient self-service open air display with a variety of temperature options for multiple food types and beverages. Perfect for integrating into a counter or cafeteria system!

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United is the ultimate upright grab and go display for Markets, Shops, and C-Stores. Available in hot, cold, or dry/ambient versions.

With fan-assisted temperature control and rear pass through options for easier restock.

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Grab and Go Daisy Display


Daisy is a great pick for a wide variety of applications. Working extremely well as a traditional display case, Daisy is also an exemplary grab and go option.

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The Urban Bread Rack is a must-have for any bakery or market. Extremely customizable with a seemingly endless array of optional features and settings. 

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