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School Cafeteria Fresco Display and Counter

Displays Cases for School Cafeterias

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Carefully choosing your meal as you amble down a crowded lunch line, snatching up a small carton of milk before paying at the register. For many of us, the school cafeteria is our first experience with food service (though you probably didn’t think of it that way at the time!). For children, school lunch is just another integral part of life. As much a cornerstone of the school experience as holographic agenda book covers and putting off math homework until the last possible minute.

But School Cafeterias don’t emerge from a vacuum. They require a lot of planning, design expertise, and the proper equipment. GTI Designs offers many displays that are great for Cafeterias, Food Halls, and Buffets. However, there are two displays that we feel are the ultimate solution for cafeterias and fast casual eateries.

Ultimate Cafeteria Display Solutions

Fresco Cafeteria Display


Fresco was designed to be the optimal solution for cafeterias, food courts, and buffets. A perfect option for schools, with availability as a traditional display, grab and go, or as a serve over. A stream-lined design with models available for hot, cold, and dry/ambient food and drink.

This display can be channeled to create a row of showcases for multiple different food and drink types, perfect for a cafeteria setting. GTI Designs can take this a step further with custom counterwork that perfectly complements your display cases.

Three pictures of United Grab and Go Display.


For grab and go options, no vertical merchandiser is a better fit for cafeterias than United. Featuring an elegant, stream-lined design and an array of features that include fan assisted temperature distribution and rear pass through for easy restock. United is available for hot, cold, and dry/ambient food and beverages. A great option for grab and go meals.

More Than Just a Passing Grade

Though all of our services are offered separately, for many of our customers GTI Designs is a turn-key solution. We offer much more than display cases and equipment, including: Full service design for your location, as well as custom counter and millwork. With 30 years of success in the industry, we are experts in our field and have helped design and build countless food service locations all across North America.

Our experienced design team is here to help you set yourself apart!

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