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Stainless Steel Back Bars

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For many businesses the Back Bar is an extremely important, very visible feature. Providing priority storage, increasing staff efficiency, and acting as an aesthetic foundation for many bars, coffee shops, and bakeries.

GTI Designs offers fully custom Stainless Steel Back Bars with a huge range of options to suit any business’ needs. This is a very customizable feature, and every business is different. There are a few aspects you’ll want to think about when purchasing the back bar for your business.

Things to Consider


Back Bars are equal parts functionality and aesthetic. But functionality needs to come first. Will you require temperature regulated cabinets for beer or wine? Or a series of dry storage drawers for to-go coffee cups and extra silverware? (Maybe a combination of both!) It’s important to discuss your products and needs with your GTI Designs Representative.

Back Bars Can Help Sales

As a business owner, you want to draw the customer’s eyes to specific products. For bars, this is generally top-shelf liquor. For coffeeshops it may be your new “Nitro Cold Brew”, weekly special blend, or your inviting expresso machine. The eye tends to move from upper left to bottom right, just as with reading. Keep this in mind as your set up your products. A Kettle One Martini generally nets a hire ticket average than a Smirnoff selection, for example.

On the other hand, grenadine or simple syrup won’t affect your ticket averages, and may be best kept out of sight. Setting your products up with a plan in mind will result in more sales for your business and an easier time for your staff.


This is an important aspect for many of the things we do offer at GTI Designs. Display cases, counters, and back bars need to fit a designated space in your business. Pending on the size of your business, and where some necessary features are located (water hook ups, outlets, etc.) sometimes that space can feel limiting.

Our Stainless Steel Backbars are custom to you. This includes the width, height, and depth of the back bar. We can also provide custom shelving if space is a factor. To ensure all the measurements are in sync with your vision, our Design and Build team will create a series of renderings so that you can get a solid idea of the final result before the job is even started!

3D Rendering of William Dean Chocolates
William Dean Chocolate Displays and Counter
William Dean Chocolates, Reality

Ask the Experts

GTI Designs has been helping food service and retail businesses all across North America for 30 years. Our experienced and dedicated team provides hands-on, custom work that is warrantied and backed by our nationwide service network. We can help you Set Yourself Apart and find the best counters, equipment, and storage options for your space!

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