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GTI Designs has 30 years of experience manufacturing modular and custom display cases.  Featuring elegant designs, as well as advanced technological functionality. All GTI Designs display cases are backed by our nation-wide service network, and built with U.S. approved parts.

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Display Case Type: 
Modular Wine Cellar

Wine Cellar

The Wine Cellar from GTI Designs a glass-fronted, modular walk-in that offers the perfect combination of temperature and humidity control. Offering a solution for all of your wines - red, white, rosé
Wine CasesUpright Glass Door Freezers & Refrigerators
Display Freezer Rose


ROSE is a display case ideal for the showcasing of frozen products: Cakes, popsicles, and frozen novelties.  With a modern, straight glass style and the option for three temperature regulated shelves.
Gelato/Ice Cream DisplaysUpright Glass Door Freezers & RefrigeratorsLevel One
Carne Steak Ager

Carne – Meat Aging Case

The Carne Meat Ageing Cabinet is the definitive meat ageing solution for butchers, restaurants and supermarkets.
Meat AgingUpright Glass Door Freezers & Refrigerators
Vista Freezer Display Case

Vista Freezer

The Vista Freezer is a sleek, space saving showcase for chocolate, pastry, and frozen desserts (gelato, ice cream, sorbetto). 
Upright Glass Door Freezers & Refrigerators
GTI Platinum Display - BLUE Display Cabinet Isolated


A glass ensconced, luxury display cabinet. Offering endless options for showcasing products, as well as the room itself.
Pastry & Bakery DisplaysChocolate DisplaysPrepared Food DisplaysWine CasesUpright Glass Door Freezers & Refrigerators

Lexus Series

The Lexus Series is the most complete series of upright glass displays on the market! Coming in single door or multiple door applications with a variety of options for width. 
Wine CasesUpright Glass Door Freezers & Refrigerators
Angled photo of Vert in Counter Top with a glossy brown laminate and sunflowers


Our VERT Display is a luxury merchandizer that seamlessly blends into any countertop. A great way to showcase your popular products.
Wine CasesUpright Glass Door Freezers & Refrigerators

Futuro Multideck

With an array of options for size, temperature and a host of optional features and models. The Future Multideck is a premier supermarket display, shelving unit, and grab-n-go merchandizer!
Grab and Go DisplaysMultidecksSupermarket and GroceryUpright Glass Door Freezers & Refrigerators
White single door cosmo isolated


Cosmo blends style and technology together to create a vertical merchandiser with a high level of visibility and ease of use.
Pastry & Bakery DisplaysPanini DisplaysPrepared Food DisplaysGrab and Go DisplaysWine CasesUpright Glass Door Freezers & Refrigerators