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ReadyChef Batch Freezer

Carpigiani ReadyChef

The ReadyChef is a countertop batch freezer and pastry machine all at once! Able to produce gelato, ice cream, sorbetto, etc., as well as creams and fillings for pastries and baked goods.
Batch FreezersPastry ChefAgeing & Mixing
Maestro-HCD Batch Freezer

Maestro HCD

This multi-functional machine allows for the creation of endless products! 
Batch FreezersPastry Chef
Pastochef 55 RTX

Pastochef 55 RTX

The Pastochef RTX machines blend, cook, heat, cool, age and preserve an unlimited number of specialties, all in a perfectly hygienic fashion.
Pastry Chef

Pastochef 18 RTL

Pastochef RTL machines mix, cook, pasteurize, cool, age and store, in perfect hygiene, the many specialities that confectioners, gelato makers, chocolatiers and chefs create in their workshops.
Pastry Chef