Carpigiani ReadyChef

Carpigiani ReadyChef

The Carpigiani ReadyChef is a counter top batch freezer and pastry machine all at once! Able to produce up to 15 quarts of gelato, ice cream, sorbetto, etc., per session as well as creams, fillings, and sauces for pastries and baked goods. This machine is made even more versatile by its ability to both pasteurize and age mixes.

The ReadyChef is also easy to use.  With automatic programming, including:

8 programs for artisanal gelato
2 programs for Sicilian slush and cremolata
6 programs for sauces and toppings

This machine also features Carpigiani’s patented “Hard-O-Tronic” technology, offering a digital readout to ensure desired consistency for every batch.

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ReadyChef Features

-Counter Top Batch Freezer and Pastry Machine
-Up to 15 Quarts of Gelato, Ice Cream, Sorbetto, Etc. Per Session
-Can Also Create Creams, Fillings, and Sauces for Pastries and Baked Goods
-Self Pasteurizing and Ageing
-Internal Programs Pre-Loaded for Gelato, Slush, Cremolata, Sauces, and Toppings
-Patented Carpigiani Hard-O-Tronic Technology




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