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Modular Wine Cellar

Wine Cellar

The Wine Cellar from GTI Designs a glass-fronted, modular walk-in that offers the perfect combination of temperature and humidity control. Offering a solution for all of your wines - red, white, rosé
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Display Freezer Rose


ROSE is a display case ideal for the showcasing of frozen products: Cakes, popsicles, and frozen novelties.  With a modern, straight glass style and the option for three temperature regulated shelves.
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Carne Steak Ager

Carne – Meat Aging Case

The Carne Meat Ageing Cabinet is the definitive meat ageing solution for butchers, restaurants and supermarkets.
Meat AgingUpright Glass Door Freezers & Refrigerators
Vista Freezer Display Case

Vista Freezer

The Vista Freezer is a sleek, space saving showcase for chocolate, pastry, and frozen desserts (gelato, ice cream, sorbetto). 
Upright Glass Door Freezers & Refrigerators
GTI Platinum Display - BLUE Display Cabinet Isolated


A glass ensconced, luxury display cabinet. Offering endless options for showcasing products, as well as the room itself.
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Lexus Series

The Lexus Series is the most complete series of upright glass displays on the market! Coming in single door or multiple door applications with a variety of options for width. 
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Angled photo of Vert in Counter Top with a glossy brown laminate and sunflowers


Our VERT Display is a luxury merchandizer that seamlessly blends into any countertop. A great way to showcase your popular products.
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Futuro Multideck with No Doors

Futuro Multideck

With an array of options for size, temperature and a host of optional features and models. The Future Multideck is a premier supermarket display, shelving unit, and grab-n-go merchandizer!
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White single door cosmo isolated


Cosmo blends style and technology together to create a vertical merchandiser with a high level of visibility and ease of use.
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