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GTI Designs has been the largest distributor of Carpigiani Equipment in North America for the past 28 years. Worldwide, the best warranty in the industry and simply the best reputation in the industry for Reliability & functionality – but more importantly whether gelato, ice cream, soft serve or pastry Carpigiani makes the best quality finished product in the marketplace today!

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Equipment Type: 
Standing Shake Machine

K Shake

The K Shake is a high capacity, standing shake machine that allows for the production of 200, 13.5 oz portions per hour. Up to four flavors.
Shake & Slush
V Dream Frozen Drink Machine


The V Dream is the ultimate frozen drink machine. Able to create up to 125 servings (16oz) an hour! Frappuccinos, Frozen Cocktails, Slush, Frozen Coffee and More!
Shake & Slush

UF 920 SP

The highest capacity dual flavor twist soft serve machine on the market! Produces up to 960, 4oz servings per hour.
Soft Serve FreezersShake & Slush

K3 E

The K3-3 allows for the combined production of shakes and sundaes. Featuring two independent, high-volume freezers in one machine. Allowing one side to stop while the other continues production!
Shake & Slush
191 K SP

191 K SP

Single flavor counter top pump machine. Ideal for neutral or flavored milkshakes. Attractive look and it guarantees top production results.
Shake & Slush