Pastomaster 60 RTX

Pastomaster 60 RTX

The Pastomaster 60 RTX heats, ages, and transfers frozen dessert mixes.  Creating a uniform flavor profile for the liquid bases for ice cream, gelato, custard, etc.  Capable of mixing up to 60 liters (16 gallons) of liquid base per cycle (For a higher capacity, check out the Pastomaster 120 RTX).   Built in programs that keep a record of every step of the process.

Mixture programs for:
6 Dessert Types
3 Syrups (chocolate, fruit, and zabaione)
5 Gourmet Programs (invert sugar, cream syrup, pudding, panna cotta, and Bavarian cream).
2 Yogurt Programs (liquid, thick)
9 Personalized Program Settings

Need ice cream or gelato supplies?  World of Gelato has got you covered!



  • Convenience: Simple easy to read control panel. Transparent lid can be opened during production process since pump is located below.;
  • Savings: Prepare your own base mixtures and syrups from your choice of ingredients.;
  • Safety: Internal temperature is shown on screen. Exchange Pump uniformly heats or cools mixture for homogenization without burning any of the mixture. Memory retention during temporary power blackout. Refrigerated extraction spigot for maximum hygiene, and an exchange pump for low homogenization. Ergonomic design includes rounded corners to avoid injury. Optional stainless-steel drip tray is available.;
  • Hygiene: Built-in faucet with flex hose makes cleaning fast and easy. Optional Transfer mix set is available, ideal for transferring mixture equipment quickly and sanitarily with tube.

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