The premier Ice Cream Mixer in the industry!  The Carpigiani AgeMaster boasts the third generation of ageing vats, utilizing the same technology as the Pastomaster RTX Series’!

The AgeMaster’s RTX dry-cooling system ensures the perfect preservation and aging of previously chilled mixes.  Preventing scaling and maintaining thermal efficiency.  Specially designed beater guarantees movement of mix inside the tank through continuous or intermittent motion.

This machines ability to also create cold base mixes make it an incomparable unit for any ice cream shop or Gelateria.  An ice cream mixer that can also pasteurize, preserve, and age all in one!

AgeMaster units are available in different sizes, with a storage range of 16-32 gallons of mix.

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  • The Agemaster RTX’s dry cooling system guarantees perfect preservation and aging of previously chilled mix, extracted from the Pastomaster RTX, it also prevents scaling, and maintains thermal efficiency.;
  • The beater is specially designed to guarantee complete movement of all the mix inside the tank, through continuous or intermittent motion.;The LED display gives a constant reading of actual product temperature inside the tank.;
  • The spigot features an automatic cleaning system, ensuring maximum hygiene.;The optional drip tray features a rubber mat, and is ideal for holding a bucket during extraction.

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