The Carpigiani 191 Soft Serve Freezer is a superb example of quality.  This energy efficient, high capacity machine comes with four configurations (below), including gravity-fed models which are able to handle high fiber mixes, as well as a fruit pieces and seeds.

For gravity-fed models, product is added from the rear of the cylinder, for more controllable over-run and removing the need to prime.

For pump-fed models, mixture separation is prevented by the hopper, creating a consistent temperature.

The Carpigiani 191 Soft Serve Freezer is a single flavor machine. For double flavor/twist model take a look at our Carpigiani 193 model!

Available in four configurations:
Gravity-Fed (191 Bar E G – Spec Sheet)
Gravity-Fed with Self Pasteurization (191 Bar SP E G – Spec Sheet)
Pump-Fed (191 Bar E P – Spec Sheet)
Pump-Fed with Self Pasteurization (191 Bar SP E P – Spec Sheet)

Self-Pasteurization (SP Models):
Cleaning is only required every 14 days with our automatic heat treatment system.  (Local requirements may vary.  Check with your health inspector!).

Gravity-Fed Models can produce up to 19 quarts | Pump-Fed Models can produce up to 13 quarts

Water Cooled and Air Cooled Models available

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