Level One

Level One Type: 


JULY is a professional ice cream and gelato display case with a modern design and an exemplary display area. With options for 12, 16,18, or 24, five liter pans.
Gelato/Ice Cream DisplaysLevel One
EDEN Bakery Display Case


EDEN is an ALL-NEW contemporary refrigerated display case for pastries & baked goods, chocolates, beverages, and prepared foods.
Pastry & Bakery DisplaysChocolate DisplaysPrepared Food DisplaysSupermarket and GroceryLevel One


BRIO is our all-new entry level gelato display case.  A contemporary, space efficient design with sizes available for 6, 7, or 9 frozen dessert pans (5 liter).
Gelato/Ice Cream DisplaysLevel One
Display Freezer Rose


ROSE is a display case ideal for the showcasing of frozen products: Cakes, popsicles, and frozen novelties.  With a modern, straight glass style and the option for three temperature regulated shelves.
Gelato/Ice Cream DisplaysUpright Glass Door Freezers & RefrigeratorsLevel One


Samoa is an incredibly space efficient and movable display for frozen desserts. With space for up to five gelato pans (5L).
Gelato/Ice Cream DisplaysLevel One
Ice Cream Push Cart Ital Cart Isolated


Introducing ItalCart! Ventilated refrigeration, tempered curved glass, can be fitted with double level ice cream containers.
Gelato/Ice Cream DisplaysLevel One
Pozzetti Gelato Push Cart

ItalCart P

The iconic style of our popular ItalCart, but in the traditional, Pozzetti style. Start a Gelato Business anywhere, with an easily moveable design, and space for eight flavors!
Gelato/Ice Cream DisplaysLevel One
G3 Countertop Display Case for Ice Cream


A countertop gelato and ice cream display, the G3 allows you to set up a frozen dessert business anywhere! Great for catering concepts, street vendors, and food trucks.
Gelato/Ice Cream DisplaysLevel One
Gel 4 Countertop Gelato Display Case

Gel 4

Gel 4 is the ultimate countertop ice cream and gelato display. Available with 4 or 8 spaces for flavors.
Gelato/Ice Cream DisplaysLevel One