Click and Collect

Click and Collect

Food Storage Lockers take “contactless” pickup to the next level.  Click & Collect is a custom-sized and branded unit that allow for hot, cold and dry food storage.  Keeping your customer’s orders are the ideal temperature and consistency!  Resulting in better quality to-go orders and removing the need for pick-up lines.

Our Click & Collect Once offers multiple ways for customers to access their orders.  Including: QR and bar codes, as well as NFC Technology.   Customers scan their order and open the door to the next meal.

Mobile alerts for when orders have been picked up, so your staff knows exactly when a compartment is available!  Rear loading doors for quick and easy re-stock.

Click and Collect storage compartments are individual and isolated from one another, so there is no risk of cross contamination.



  • Custom sizes/number of lockers
  • Can be channeled together for seamless storage locker solution
  • Each compartment available chilled, frozen, heated or dry/ambient
  • Multiple unlocking methods for customers, including: QR Codes, Barcode Scanner and NFT Technology
  • Alerts for when orders are picked up
  • Isolated storage compartments so there is no risk of cross-contamination between lockers
  • Branded to your business

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