191 P SP Magica Colore

191 P SP Magica Colore

Self serve ice cream machine!  The 191 P SP Magica Colore is an automatic, fully independent, token operated soft serve machine. This high performance model can dispense 250 servings (3oz) per hour.  This self-serve machine provides three flavor options!  One base flavor and two flavored choices.


Customizable payment options, allowing for tokens, coins, or a credit/debit card.  As a self serve ice cream machine, the 191 P SP Magica is ideal for locations with heavy foot traffic. Shopping centers, arcades, water parks, amusement parks, etc.


Industry leading soft serve that sells itself!


SP = Self Pasteurizing  – Automatic heat treatment system removes harmful bacteria from your soft serve mix and machine for a maximum interval of 42 days. (Cleaning every 14 days is highly recommended, and you must always check with your local health inspector!)


Looking for a non self-serve soft machine with high production?  Check out the Carpigiani UF 253




  • Performance and Quality: The Magica is a fully independent, token operated soft serve ice cream & frozen yogurt machine ideal for shopping centers, arcades, & amusement parks. The high performance model can dispense 250 3oz servings per hour. Magica provides three flavor options. One base flavor and 2 flavored choices;
  • Convenience: Magica can serve up to 148 portions before needing a product refill. Equipment cleaning cycle done once every two weeks;
  • Safety: Optional TEOREMA provides remote tracking of servings, cleanings and alerting of service requirements to both service team and operator.;
  • Hygiene: Cleaning required every 14 days.

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