Dry Aging Beef With CARNE

What is Dry Aging?

Dry aging is a process that allows for naturally occurring enzymes to break down the beef, creating a more complex flavor and tender consistency. Not all cuts of dry aged beef are equal, however. The quality of your dry aged beef is dependent upon many factors. The CARNE Dry Aging Cabinet creates the ideal conditions for this process to occur. The Carne kit from GTI Designs creates the ideal conditions for both dry aging and showcasing your prime cuts.

Carne Dry Aged Beef Display Case Isolated

Carne Dry Aging Display
Refrigeration: No Frost
Temperature Range: 68°F/32°F
Humidity Range: Adjustable From 30% to 80%
Defrosting: Automatic
Compressor: Included or Remote
Gas: R452
Internal Finishing: Stainless Steel (Aisi 304)
Internal Structure: Stainless Steel Shelves or Poles

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What is Included?

CARNE offers the ideal conditions for both aging and displaying your cuts. Each four-sided glass display features a stainless steel frame, precise temperature and humidity control, UV light that removes bacterial growth, and an expansion valve for evaporation control. Stainless steel shelves or poles for hooks also included.

How Long Does Dry Aging Take?

The dry aging process can last anywhere from 7-120 days. This is dependent upon the user. When deciding how long to age your cuts beef, there are a few factors to consider:

  • The longer beef is aged the more mass it loses. Meaning a cut of beef aged 90 days will be smaller than a cut aged 30 days. However this is a trade off for a more complex flavor.
  • 30 Days is generally considered the “Sweet Spot” for dry aged beef. Offering a balance between tastes your customers are familiar with and the more robust flavor profile that comes with aging.
  • Subsequently 120 Days of aging beef is less common. This is for specialty customers looking for a flavor that is often described as “funky.”

What is the Capacity of the CARNE Dry Aging Kit?

The Carne Dry Aging Beef Display is available in a variety of sizes and capacities. Click here to see the sizes we offer. However, if you are unsure what size is right for your space, or would like to do something more custom to your business, GTI Designs has representatives available to help you find the perfect Dry Beef Aging Display for your location!

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Speak with a GTI Designs Representative about the Carne Dry Beef Aging Kit.