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Design + Build

  • GTI 3 Step Design Process

    GTI Designs has a 3-Step Process to turn your vision into a reality!

    These steps are designed to better prepare you for your location opening and to ensure the build is a reflection of your wants and needs. 

    Step 1

    Gather Initial Information

    This is where we gather the initial information on your project:

    • When would you like to open?
    • What is your budget for build out, equipment and fixtures?
    • What is the size of the location – square footage, overall dimensions, and ceiling height space?
    • What is the electrical voltage in the building, and the total amperage on the electric panel?
    • What are the dimensions of the existing restrooms, and are there any additional restroom requirements?
    • What is the location of the main entrance door for your customers?
    • Are there additional entrances or exits?
    • Do you have any fire exit issues?
    • Do you have any parking issues?
    • Have you reviewed your zoning requirements?
    • Do you have any menu items ready – such as food and beverage selections?
    • Do you offer menu items that are prepared at your location?
    • Can you supply the manufacturer and model number of any existing equipment?
    • Are you able to supply the phone and fax number of your general contractor?
    • Are you able to supply the phone and fax number of the architect?

    Step 2

    Floor Plan Information

    This is where we gather information about the floor plan so that we can specifically match your concept, menu and space:

    • What are the dimensions of the existing floor plan?
    • What are the exact locations of any doors, windows, restrooms, and columns within the facility?
    • We would need any changes and a confirmation of the floor plan
    • Based on the project information a design of the floor plan will be designed
    • We will design a layout that will emphasize logical customer traffic flow, employee efficiency, seating, and retail placement
    • We will review your menu to make sure that we have satisfied your equipment needs
    • We will give you a description of each piece of equipment, and their features and options
    • We will go over both refrigerated and dry storage needs for operation
    • We will contact your architect, contractor, and leasing company when it is necessary
    • After discussion with the customer we will make any revisions to the floor plan that need be
    • We will make a continuous effort to make sure that the floor plan is what suits your needs until we come to a final plan

    Step 3

    Equipment & Cabinetry Estimates


    This is where we give you an itemized quotation on all equipment and cabinetry:

    • Estimate on all equipment needed
    • Estimate on table tops and bases
    • Estimate on chairs and bar stools
    • Estimate on counters and cabinetry
    • In your estimate, you will be provided with item numbers that correspond to the equipment specification book, and the floor plan
    • Your estimate for the equipment will come complete with the model number and manufacturer
    • You will receive a complete detailed description of the equipment you purchase
    • We will confirm with you that the equipment you purchase is within your budget, and we will try to make adjustments as needed
    • We will note all equipment and accessories provided by the owner
    • All accessories and option will be noted
    • Estimates will also include installation, freight and delivery

  • Consulting & Design

    Business operations are complex, made up of multiple elements that must work together to ensure efficiency while satisfying customer expectations. GTI Designs understands these intricate facility issues and applies the most effective planning techniques to achieve the best possible use of available space while creating the desired aesthetics and atmosphere. On the food service side, aside from designing and building the layout we can also assist with menu development and menu execution needs, and with both food service and retail, we can assist with sourcing equipment and vendors, as well as developing comprehensive staff training programs, giving you all of the fundamental tools needed to build a successful business.

    GTI Designs, one of the most sought after boutique design and build firms in North America, offers an innovative design and build approach in developing new or re-modeling existing food service operations – whether it is a Café, Restaurant, Deli, Bakery, Gelateria, Coffee Shop, Bar – or with retail operations – an Apparel Store, Shoe Store, Wine Shop or Supermarket, our team of experts can help you maximize efficiency to further maximize your opportunity. We can provide rustic, modern, classic, elegant, and refined styles to fit almost any budget or space.

    Our full AutoCAD design service allows us to make the most of your available space whether new or existing, offering 3 Dimensional, true to life views that allow us to visualize the space and create a layout that is both functional and appealing. Our initial 3 Dimensional design can be taken to the next level through our photo-realistic color rendering service. simulating the finished product-materials and all. The final touch is an executive drawing set complete with permit ready mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) drawings.

    The right answers save you time and money.
    Real experience, real advice.

  • Build + Install

    Unlike most design firms, GTI Designs has the ability to turn a concept into reality.

    Our modular systems balance beauty and technology to create an aesthetic that adapts to various styles. The extensive range of interchangeable components offer functionality and design flexibility that can be easily configured to accommodate different spaces, styles. and needs while standing up to the rigors of daily wear and tear. GTI Designs also has the capability and expertise to build unique and completely custom projects. With our own manufacturing facilities in the United States and the ability to source from the best European manufacturers, we are able to offer innovative solutions for refrigerated and ambient display cases, completely customized stainless steel fabrication, as well as one-of-a-kind millwork creations, be it a front bar, kiosk, or hostess station, all with the high functionality and endurance our customers have learned to expect.

    Along with building store fixtures, we can provide furniture that adds class and ambiance to fit any decor. GTI Designs offers an extensive portfolio of designer seating and table options, or we can custom fabricate something entirely new. Whether you need banquette seating, bar stools. tables or chairs. GTI Designs can accommodate your tastes with a broad range of colors, textures, and finishes. www.worldofseating.com

    We take pride in and ownership of all of our projects which is demonstrated by the fact that we employ our own fully trained and experienced installation teams to ensure that all equipment is installed properly and performs optimally.

    By installing all of the equipment GTI Designs is able to manage and minimize the risks of damage that could be imparted by third party companies who may not execute the same attention to detail.

    Bringing your ideas to life. Handled with care.

  • Service + Logistics

    The best equipment money can buy means nothing without the right support and service behind it.

    Due to our continuing growth. we have created a National Service Network in order to provide you with prompt attention and service in the event of a problem. With our headquarters in New York and our regional distribution hubs, GTI Designs is able to dispatch our own trucks, complete with lift-gates, to ensure on-time delivery and to provide the proper care and handling of your equipment. We also offer full warranties and a 24 hour emergency service hotline to accommodate any service issues outside of normal business hours.

    GTI hopes to build more than projects; we want to build relationships. Our success to that end is proven by our many returning customers.

    Long term relationships, continued success.