2d Rendering of Port O' Call. Drawn bar with bottles on shelves and stools. Tables and chairs in the corner
Unfinished bar. Millwork, wood paneled front and counter top being installed
Finished Port O' Call with black and red high chairs, wood front bar with smooth glossy bar top, liquor bottles shown behind

Design and Build

GTI Designs is proud to be one of the most sought after boutique design and build firms in North America.

For 30 years we have offered an innovative design and build approach in developing new (or re-modeling existing) food service and retail operations. Our team of experts are here to bring your vision to life.

We pride ourselves on being a “turn-key solution.” With services available to help realize your vision every step of the way. From the initial design conversation and the build itself, to providing logistical services once your doors are open!

To better prepare you on what information we’ll need to start your build:

Take a Look at Our Three Step Process

Floor plan drawing and marble color swatches on board room table
Woman giving notes to a designer, whose hands are visible over a CAD floor plan drawing
Man's hand holding color swatches as he examines a color rendering on the computer

Consulting and Design

Business operations are complex. Multiple elements must work together to ensure efficiency, while satisfying customer expectations.

GTI Designs has decades of experience balancing and managing these intricacies. Applying the most effective planning techniques to achieve the best possible results. Fully utilizing your space to create the desired aesthetic and atmosphere.

This doesn’t stop at designing and building. On the food service side, we can also assist with menu development and menu execution needs. With both food service and retail, we can assist with sourcing equipment and vendors, as well as developing comprehensive staff training programs.

Giving you all of the fundamental tools needed to build a successful business!

Our full AutoCAD design service allows us to make the most of your available space (whether new or existing).
Offering three dimensional, true to life views that allow us to visualize the space and create a layout that is both functional and appealing.

Our initial three dimensional design can be taken to the next level, through our photo-realistic color rendering service. Simulating the finished product, materials and all.

The final touch is an executive drawing set complete with permit ready mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) drawings.

Build and Install

Our modular systems are made to balance beauty and technology. Resulting in solutions that adapt to YOUR business and desired aesthetic.

The extensive range of interchangeable components offer functionality and design flexibility. Configured to accommodate both space and style, while standing up to the rigors of daily wear and tear.

With our own manufacturing facilities in the United States, and the ability to source from the best European manufacturers; we have the capacity and expertise to build completely custom, and unique projects. Offering innovative solutions for refrigerated and ambient display cases, completely customized stainless steel fabrication, as well as one-of-a-kind millwork creations. Be it a front bar, kiosk, or hostess station. All with the high functionality and endurance our customers have learned to expect.

Along with building store fixtures, we can provide furniture that adds class and ambiance to fit any d├ęcor.
GTI Designs offers an extensive portfolio of designer seating and table options. We can also custom fabricate something entirely new. Whether you need banquette seating or bar stools, tables or chairs.

GTI Designs can accommodate your tastes with a broad range of colors, textures, and finishes.
(Learn more at www.worldofseating.com)

We take pride in all of our projects. We employ our own fully trained and experienced installation teams to ensure that all equipment is installed properly and performs optimally.

By installing all of the equipment in-house, GTI Designs is able to manage and minimize and risk of damage or incorrect installation. Rather than entrusting your design vision to third party companies, who may not execute the same attention to detail.

Man on forklift, moving a large wooden box

Service and Logistics

The best equipment money can buy means nothing without the right support and service behind it.

Due to our continuing growth, we have created a National Service Network in order to provide you with prompt attention and service in the event of a problem. With our headquarters in New York and our regional distribution hubs, GTI Designs is able to dispatch our own trucks, complete with lift-gates, to ensure on-time delivery and to provide the proper care and handling of your equipment. We also offer full warranties and a 24 hour emergency service hotline to accommodate any service issues outside of normal business hours.

GTI hopes to build more than projects; we want to build relationships. Our success to that end is proven by our many returning customers.