The Fantastick popsicle freezer and blast freezer makes creating fun, marketable frozen dessert items extremely easy!
With two mold racks for a total of 48 popsicles.   The FantaStick allows molds to be conveniently filled from above, keeping the cold temperature in the freezer.  This makes freezing faster and more efficient.  Front door also available for traditional blast freezer use.
Pair with a MasterStick, MisterArt, or MisterArt Plus to make an endless line of gelato and ice cream based treats!


  • Freeze 48 popsicles at a time!
  • Popsicle molds loaded from above makes freezing occur faster and more efficiently.
  • Front door available for traditional blast freezer use.
  • Complete crystallization allows gelato to maintain its overrun, keeping it chewable at -18°C.
  • Digital temperature control.

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