Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why should I choose GTI?
  • GTI offers 22 years of experience in design and build of food service locations, with a team approach. As a GTI customer you will be working with a dedicated project and design consultant, managing the day to day operations of the process - supported by an equally dedicated CAD designer and Equipment Specialist. Once the project is contracted and is being built, our Operations/Logistics team will manage the build out process - from liaising with your General Contractor /Plumber and Electrician to managing the installation process – coordinating the GTI trucks/Install teams to get the project completed.

    GTI staff has a wide range of food service operational experience, many of them having run and worked in food service operations. We have real world experience and real world knowledge.

  • Why should I work with GTI to provide my display case solutions?
  • GTI has built a complete portfolio of display case options that is second to none in the industry. We can have all your display case needs covered – from Pastry/ Deli / Gelato through Meat/ Fish/ Prepared Foods – to humidity controlled specialty Chocolate/ Macaron cases. We have market and supermarket solutions from open refrigerated Grab n Go displays to Multideck Display merchandising. We even have the ability to custom build display cases for your specific needs. Our innovative European designs, combined with our cases being built for the North American market, means we can support your operation after the sale is made.
  • How long does a full project installation take?
  • All our Installations are handled by GTI employees. Our install and operations teams have a combined 40+ years of experience in project installation. On average our projects are completed within a 5-7 day process. Our modular build out approach means we can be very efficient in the construction of your store. Much of the build out is completed in our manufacturing factories and is ready to install at the location on arrival – allowing us to concentrate on "set in place" and the detailed finishing work.
  • Can I move my project from one location to another?
  • Yes – Our modular approach means that if you wish to relocate your store to a different location, we can pick the store up – disassemble and reassemble. Your equipment is NOT a permanent fixture of the location. We can also add existing pieces to a larger newer location as again our modular build process allows you the ultimate in project flexibility.
  • Does GTI only design projects?
  • No - GTI can provide a number of ‘a la carte' services. We can simply provide display cases, millwork, refrigeration or any of the pieces of the equipment illustrated across our website.
  • Why does GTI design in 3D?
  • GTI designs all its projects in 3D allowing you, the customer, to "see" the store as it is designed. Many design company's simply use a "flat" 2D drawing combined with elevations. We do not believe this gives you, the customer, the ability to really visualize how your store will look, the impact of where equipment is located and how your potential staff will have to "work" the areas in the design. This process gets you to a fully functional store without the costly mistakes. You will "see" what you are getting …
  • Does GTI provide drawings in AutoCad?
  • Yes - All of our drawings are done in AutoCad and will be provided in an architectural format.
  • Why does GTI provide Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Drawings?
  • Having been in the design and build business for over 20+ years and as a company that not only designs but also installs its own projects, GTI is very careful to work with the General Contractor on a project to ensure that the project is accurately built to meet our installation teams need. Electrical and plumbing needs to be in the right positions so we can ensure a smooth installation. It is crucial to the success of your project that everyone is vested in the same design and same drawings – ensuring that plumbing, electrical, walls and mechanical details are where they need to be and that dimensions are accurate.