Consulting & Design

Business operations are complex, made up of multiple elements that must work together to ensure efficiency while satisfying customer expectations. GTI Designs understands these intricate facility issues and applies the most effective planning techniques to achieve the best possible use of available space while creating the desired aesthetics and atmosphere. On the food service side, aside from designing and building the layout we can also assist with menu development and menu execution needs, and with both food service and retail, we can assist with sourcing equipment and vendors, as well as developing comprehensive staff training programs, giving you all of the fundamental tools needed to build a successful business.

GTI Designs, one of the most sought after boutique design and build firms in North America, offers an innovative design and build approach in developing new or re-modeling existing food service operations - whether it is a Café, Restaurant, Deli, Bakery, Gelateria, Coffee Shop, Bar - or with retail operations - an Apparel Store, Shoe Store, Wine Shop or Supermarket, our team of experts can help you maximize efficiency to further maximize your opportunity. We can provide rustic, modern, classic, elegant, and refined styles to fit almost any budget or space.

Our full AutoCAD design service allows us to make the most of your available space whether new or existing, offering 3 Dimensional, true to life views that allow us to visualize the space and create a layout that is both functional and appealing. Our initial 3 Dimensional design can be taken to the next level through our photo-realistic color rendering service. simulating the finished product-materials and all. The final touch is an executive drawing set complete with permit ready mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) drawings.

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