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Adding a Slush Machine to Your Business

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Consumers come across a slush machine almost every day. In gas stations, amusement parks, and c-marts all over the the country, slush machines provide brightly colored frozen beverages to children and adults alike. In coffee shops they provide frozen drinks such as iced coffee and Frappuccinos. For bars, restaurants, beach huts, and resorts, slush machines (or “Frozen Cocktail Machines”) offer patrons popular frozen beverages, such as Pina Coladas, Daquiris, and Margaritas.

Slush machines are everywhere, and for good reason: They are extremely popular with consumers, and have a wide profit margin for business owners. In fact, without taking frozen coffee drinks and cocktails into account, the global slushy industry was estimated to be worth 325 million dollars in 2022!

For regular slushy drinks the cost per 16oz beverage is around 40-50 cents. These drinks sell at a price point of around $4 -$6 per beverage. For bars and restaurants, frozen cocktail machines offer the ability to create blended recipes for frozen cocktails using in-expensive well liquors. If presented properly, these drinks offer a high-end feel that customers will return for again and again. Taking into account that some modern slush machines can produce over 100 servings an hour – that’s a lot of profit!

Slush Machines Offer Reduced Time and Labor Costs

When considering the ROI of any food service equipment, one must often weigh the pros and cons. Winning profit margins are always welcome, but if those profits are eaten away by the cost of increased labor than sometimes the decision is less clear. The choice to add a Slush Machine to your business is made much easier when considering that Slush Machines and Frozen Cocktail Machines decrease labor costs significantly.

Lesser frozen cocktail machines such as blenders, require an operator on stand-by during the entire drink making process, and the capacity is only around a gallon per session. On a busy weekend in a packed bar or restaurant, you’ll be more inclined to say your blender is “out of order” rather than taking an employee off the floor for fifteen minutes to noisily blend three and a half frozen cocktails. When you take into consideration that the margarita is currently the most popular cocktail in the United States, you can imagine the profit many food service concepts miss out on, for lack on an adequate frozen beverage solution.

The Ultimate Slush Machine Solution

The Slush Machine is a winning piece of equipment for almost any food service concept. From Coffee Shops and C-Marts, to Restaurants, Bars, and Catering Halls. But not all slush machines are created equal. Some are harder to operate, more difficult to clean, and offer a reduced capacity for frozen beverages.

That’s why GTI Designs offers the V-Dream, by Carpigiani. This countertop slush machine can create up to 125 servings (16oz) within twenty minutes of start up. A simple hopper refill allows the user to continually supply the frozen beverage of your choice! With an award winning design, color changing LED lights, touch screen controls, and plug-and-play ease of use, the V Dream is perfect for the front of the house!

V Dream Slush Machine
V Dream Slush Machine

Want to learn more about the V Dream? Or maybe you’d like to discuss your business with an experienced professional, to see if a Slush Machine is the right choice for your business?

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